French Stunt Free Ride

French stunt free ride – killing the streets in France. Illegal action style of course.  If you like motorcycle stunts on the streets, watch all the  asphalt junkies Throttle Trauma films. They all contain extreme, illegal, insane, dangerous street riding. The best kind of riding of course. No one wants to see riders in a parking lot doing circles. We want to see the DANGER!!! To view all the danger, download our movies. Throttle Trauma 3: Once more we survive being the latest and final chapter in this trilogy. You will not be disappointed, grab it now below.

Scooter stunts in France

Here is a clip of some scooter stunts in Nice, France.  My friend Julien took me bitch on his scooter and we filmed lot of stunts, including of course scooter stunts out on the busy streets of Niece, France. Police don’t seem to mind the stunt riders in France as much as they mind them in other parts of the world, meaning, USA and Canada.  This was such a great time for me in France.  Check out the full video click below

French stunt rider Jorian Ponomareff

Jorian Ponomareff makes a good cameraman, however he is a much better rider. In this funny behind the scenes clip, we are hanging out with Jorian at the stunt spot. He is helping me film some riding. Very funny guy. The French stunt  riders are some of the best in the world, they have lot of dedication. To see  asphalt junkies Jorian ride like crazy, grab the video below.