Annakin Slayd feat. Onyx – Throttle Trauma 3

Annakin slayd feat. Onyx, this track is used in asphalt junkies Throttle Trauma 3: Once more we survive. Get this amazing hip-hop album only from Annakin slayd. A must for anyone who enjoys awesome music. Annakin Slayd is known for the song “Feels like 93” – the Canadian hockey song. To get the album go to itunes and download it.

Annakin Slayd feat. Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck

Annakin Slayd feat. Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck – this is the title track from asphalt junkies Throttle Trauma 3: Once more we survive. This is an amazing song, hence it is featured in the Throttle Trauma 3 film. Also the name for the Thorttle Trauma 3 came from Annakin Slayd and his newest album that you can order here. Support great indie music.

Throttle Trauma 3: Preview Hollywood B

Throttle Trauma 3 preview featuring the one and only Hollywood B from Seattle, WA. Throttle Trauma 3: Once More we survive features the best stunt riders from all over the world, it also features the best music from some of the best indie artists out there.  Check it out below, hit that link.

Best motorcycle crashes and bashes,

This is the last sneak preview for Throttle Trauma 2: Street Kings. Get ready for the full trailer. Watch these riders ride in Vancouver and LA, doing crazy and illegal motorcycle stunts. These guys ride in very dangerous conditions and manage to get away without being killed. Grab the full documentary here.

Annakin Slayd – Loud Music Video, Stunt bikes

Annakin Slayd is a hip hop artist who’s music is featured in all 3 Throttle Trauma films. Check out  Annakin Slayds track for the song LOUD below. The video uses footage from the Throttle Trauma documentary. Download Annakin Slayds albums from itunes here.

Download the Throttle Trauma films that feature Annakins music here