Trailer Throttle Trauma 3 – Red Band Trailer

Trailer Red Band movie

Trailer for the movie Throttle Trauma 3 -As you can see this is the red band trailer for Throttle Trauma 3: Once more we survive. Asphalt junkies Throttle Trauma 3: Once more we survive is the last film in the Throttle Trauma trilogy. It features the best past and present riders in the motorcycle stunt industry.  Such as A.C. Farias and Chris Pfeiffer and i’ve sat down with new blood like Stunter13 and Jorian Ponomareff. The stunt culture and sport is very exciting to watch.  These guys do incredible stuff on their machines and take calculated risks and chances each time they get on such a beast.  Throttle Trauma 3 is the most complete documentary on the motorcycle stunt culture ever made. This film has been compared to “on any sunday” Own a digital copy now for only $8.99 – download it below.