Stunt riders love cameras, here is proof!

These stunt riders just love to showboat for the cameras and here is the proof in the pudding. Just see it for yourself  in the video below. To see more crazy stunts, crashes and the best riders in the world click on the blue link below and download the digital version of the documentaries now.

Worst Stunt Video EVER!!

Worst stunt video ever! Epic fail. The guy can’t even do a proper wheelie, and just look at his really bad burn outs. He has to be up against the car in order to get that wheel spinning. HAHAHA. You will not find any crap like this if you order the Throttle Trauma 3: Once more we survive documentary. The best riders and interviews are showcased in this amazing documentary that took 1 year to film and another year to put together. Check it out below and grab all 3 as digital files.

Best Swear words in the world!

Best swear words in the world, and we have them here. I managed to film all the stunt riders giving me the best swear words that they use they they are mad, angry and happy of course. Check this out and order the fucking movie below you fuck! * see what i did there 🙂   Throttle Trauma 3: Once more we survive is only $8.99 for the digital download, and you will have it forever. Click the link below.